10 frugal uses of dawn dish soap you never knew about


If you are a frequent GRANDMASTHING visitor, then you know that we are all about the natural methods and DIY projects without commercial products, but sometimes the secret lies in the use of the commercial product itself. We encourage the use of natural products, but sometimes, using commercial products is a must especially when the best ones are expensive, that is why we thought about replicating expensive effects with inexpensive products. Dawn dish soap is a great example of an inexpensive product that can be used to do the work of expensive products. So, here are 10 frugal uses of dawn dish soap you never knew about.

1. Emergency Hair Cleanup

If you or one of your kids ended up with a greasy substance on their hair like sticky toys or gum, then use dawn dish soap to clean it out. Simply put some Dawn on the tip of your finger and start rubbing the greasy thing using your fingers or a comb.

2. Weed Killer

This method was quite a shock to me. To kill weeds, mix half a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap with half a gallon of vinegar and half a cup of salt. Pour the blend in a spray bottle and start spraying it directly on the infected plants (make sure to not spray the healthy parts of the plants.

3. Concrete Safe Driveway De-Icer

The most common way to remove ice from driveways is the use of salt-based de-icers, but that method can cause damage to your concrete over time. The safest alternative is Dawn, rubbing alcohol, and water mixture. Simply mix 2 teaspoons of Dawn with 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and a gallon of hot water in a bucket, then pour the solution on the frozen parts of the driveway and the ice will start melting right away.

4. Clean Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can lose their charm over time. To fix that, mix dawn with warm water and use the solution to wipe down the furniture. Once done, use a hose to rinse the furniture.

5. Toilet Unclogger

If you are dealing with a clogged toilet, then pour a cup of Dawn into it and let it sit for 20 minutes before pouring a bucket of hot water into your toilet (make sure to hold the bucket a few feet above the toilet) and that’s basically it.

6. Grease Spill Cleaner

Dawn dish soap can be used as a grease spill cleaner for your driveway or your garage. Start by cleaning the spell as much as you can (use cat litter it can absorb it), then mix dawn with warm water and use the solution to scrub the greasy spots and clear the leftovers of the spill.