11 hair washing tips you should know about


If you have some kind of hair, then you probably know that it shouldn’t be washed on a daily basis because shampoo can clean grime and sweat but if used more than the recommended use, it can strip hair from natural oils, that is why washing your hair on a daily basis causes brittle and dry hair without shine.

If you are not sure what to do, then this is your lucky day because in this article we are going to share some useful tips so you can know how to deal with your hair without damaging it. Without further ado, here are 11 hair washing tips you should know about.

1. Go easy on hair products

Hair products are very tempting to buy and use because of the successful marketing campaigns done by the producers. People usually tend to buy more hair related products after their hair dries out not knowing that more products mean greasy hair. Make sure to go easy on hair products when you’re out shopping.


2. Understand that your hair isn’t dirty after a workout

When you’re done training, your hair is not dirty, it is simply sweaty, that is why you have to make sure to brush your hair very well to distribute the sweat evenly through your scalp instead of letting it sit on it (this method will actually leave you with silky hair). Once done, flip your hair and use your hair-dryer on cool settings to dry your scalp (avoid using it on hot because that causes damage the same way as washing it daily). However, if your hair is very sweaty, then rinse it with cool water because sweat is water-soluble. Avoid shampooing and scrubbing.

source: ND3000 / SHUTTERSTOCK

3. Stop touching it

You should stop playing with your hair a lot, or running your fingers through it because that will only make it greasier.


4. Washing isn’t the only way to restore the shape

Sometimes people think that washing the hair is the only way to restore it back to its shape not knowing that that way they’re damaging it even more. Instead, try to spritz your hair with plain water and blow dry it briefly and the kinks are going to disappear easily.


5. Wear a shower cap

Shower caps are old fashioned, right? Well technically it’s a yes, but they keep water stream from hitting your hair and they prevent air moisture from affecting your hair that is why you should get a proper shower cap and start using it.



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